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I have been consulting since 2013, and have been involved in a wide range of technical topics, both in development and operations. If you're looking for lead-dev / CTO-like level of skills, I can deliver.

Over the years I developed a strong ability to get up and running on new/existing projects very quickly. Also, having products (and paying clients) myself means I understand what drives a business and can often find solutions that were not envisioned by other tech people.

My main interests right now

I know how to deal with heavy or spiky traffic
Those 4 instances are pretty well bin-packed with processes. Stop underusing your (expensive) AWS resources.

Some examples of things I've done in the past

I'm preferably working remotely, but for larger projects I will generally travel to meet your team at the beginning of the contract. I can also work on site if you're based in the region of Rennes, France.