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Last update: 11 October 2018

If I look back at my last 15 years of programming, there were a few things that got me pretty excited, and for a few of them changed my career (dates are when I discovered them):

Convox is the latest thing in that list that blows my mind. It's basically your own Heroku, built only with AWS primitives, and incredibly powerful and cheap to run. I've been following it since 2016, and after they switched over to the second generation of their tool (ALB integration) I built a few production clusters with it and couldn't be happier.

If you really like Heroku but it's too expensive for you, or if you really like Kubernetes but the learning curve is too steep, then you should give Convox a try.

You get everything I always dreamed of, perfectly integrated around a single CLI:

Cost: ~$70/m for a rack with 3 t3.medium machines (spot enabled) that can host apps for a total of 12GB RAM.

It's hard to believe, but with Convox the hardest thing to do to deploy an app right now is building the Dockerfile, which is basically Computing 101 nowadays.

No more terraform, puppet/ansible/salt/etc., capistrano, shell scripts. You can deploy a rack full of machines and deploy your first app in half a day. And then 10 more apps the following afternoon, it is that powerful.

Other niceties: